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tv   Nancy Pelosi Calls Voter Fraud Investigation Really Strange  CSPAN  January 25, 2017 10:41am-11:21am EST

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is the new ambassador to the united nations. the associated press reporting that president trump is asking for a review of methods of interrogating terror suspects and the possible reopening of a cia run black site prison outside of the united states. according to a draft executive order obtained by the associated press and some reaction to that from senator john mccain, the chairman of the armed services committee, tweeting out, "the president can sign whatever executive orders he likes, but the law is the law and we are not bringing back torture." that is from senator john mccain. we wish her you today's washington journal as we wait -- we will show you today's washington journal as we wait. visiting fellow at the heritage foundation joins us to talk about the recent report from the "hill" newspaper that the trump team is thinking of cutting the federal budget over the next 10 years.
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you wrote about this recently and you called it a $10 trillion stimulus plan. [applause] rep. pelosi: here we are. good morning, everyone. i think we can all agree that few people have more interest in understanding at the stakes of the health care debate in people's lives than america's surgeons. as republicans forge ahead with their plan to repeal the affordable care act and make america sick again, it is my pleasure to be joined by nurses across the country who stand on the front lines of america's health care. they are here to share their stories, stories that show exactly what is at stake as the republicans succeed in destroying the affordable care act in america. it is my honor to welcome vicki gonzales of miami florida, miami -- michael collins, kathy from
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palmer of, and diane milwaukee, wisconsin. it is my pleasure to yield to vicki gonzales from miami, florida. and welcome all of our nurses who are with us today. >> thank you. >> thank you and good morning, speaker pelosi. my name is vickie gonzales and i am a wound nurse at jackson memorial hospital, florida's largest public hospital. my heart is overjoyed when our patients get released. we were consistently flooded with individuals with individuals who lack health care coverage and relied on emergency medicine for primary care. we can't turn them away, but emergency medicine costs five times more than a visit to the doctor's office. far too often, uninsured individuals cannot afford out-of-pocket charges that can easily exceed a month's rent.
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with more patients covered and more of a safety net, my hospital can invest patient care dollars wisely. more patients have access to care regardless of pre-existing conditions. if congress forges ahead and take health care away from millions of floridians, people throughout south florida will be forced to rely on our emergency room services once again and we'll go back to being in the red. miami's robust entrepreneur community may not be able to afford whatever republicans in congress proposed as an alternative. of course, our taxpayers will shoulder the burden. of howt a picture critical affordable care is to miami-dade community, just this month, a miami herald story showed that three congressional districts in south florida have the highest number of people who
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purchased care on the health exchange in the nation. clearly, patients need that care. we need congress to put a real plan in place that ensures hospitals and health care professionals can serve our patients and their communities with a quality of care they need and deserve, not less. now, i will introduce michael collins, registered nurse from las vegas. >> good morning. thank you, speaker pelosi. my name is michael collins, i'm a registered nurse at university medical center in las vegas, nevada. university medical center is the only center in the state of nevada that has the only level one trauma center in the state of nevada and it provides the iny renal transplant center the state of nevada and that is where i work. ,efore the affordable care act
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our hospital was chronically in debt to the tune of at least $180 million every fiscal year. we were mandated by state law to treat all who come to our doors. regardless of their ability to pay. since the affordable care act, we have been able to provide services and extend our outpatient services because we have turned a profit of over $35 million in the last two years. now, with the repeal of the affordable care act, more than 371,000 nevadans stand a chance of losing their health care coverage. partys of the republican are talking about taking away the affordable care act, but there is no plan in place to replace it.
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i would like to know how they will keep deductibles and out-of-pocket cost low enough that our patients can continue to access our coverage in their proposed plan. patients i work with have pre-existing conditions, can my patients count on coverage and not just be thrown to the side? where will the chronically ill and injured patients that we see go when they are sick and unable been/--and medicaid has has been slashed? before rushing to rip apart a health care delivery system, president trump, republican congress owe us a real plan to make it better.
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my patients and all of our lives depend on it. please do not take our health care away. >> thank you. >> now, my colleague, kathleen. >> good morning. speaker pelosi, i would like to thank you for working on behalf of millions of our patients. to thank you for this opportunity to speak in front of you today and tell you how the affordable care act gives patients, families, including my own health security and financial peace of mind. i'm a staff nurse at allegheny general hospital. the issue of pre-existing conditions impacts me not only professionally, but personally. you see, my son, was born with a heart defect that required life-saving cardiac surgery. our insurance did not cover all
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that was needed to diagnose and treat him. henot giving him the care needed was not an option. we ended up putting his heart catheterization, echocardiograms, and doctors visits on credit cards. we always paid what we could, but those charges mounted and medical bills mounted and after years and years of becoming more than we could ever pay in several lifetimes, we had no choice but to file bankruptcy. any mother out there can tell you that we never stopped worrying about our children. my son is a college graduate, a registered nurse, and he can afford his own insurance. like millions of others, he could have it taken away because of his pre-existing condition. as a mom and a nurse, i'm very selective about how i spend a little extra time that i have, but i'm making sure that affordable health care is protected and expanded, making sure it is protected and expanded is hugely important to me and i will devote as much time as i have to making sure
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that those individuals, including my son, have the health care coverage they deserve. i cannot see a world and an patientsith their being harmed because they have pre-existing conditions and are barred from the care that they need. my fellow nurses and i are determined to ensure that no family will ever have to go without the kind of experience -- have to go with the kind of experience my family had to. patients deserve access to quality, affordable, safe health care. i would like to introduce diane palmer, chair of the nurse alliance and vice president of sdiu. hi, i'm diane palmer. as chair of the nurse alliance of sciu health care, i'm here today representing 85,000 nurses who work directly with patients and families in hospitals, community-based and public health settings. together with our sciu sisters
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and brothers, we fought for comprehensive health care for decades, including the expansion of medicaid, that has helped 22 million americans get health care, many for the first time. now, president trump, the corporate cabinet, and republican leaders in congress want to take away health security for 30 million hard-working women and men and their children and grandparents. they want to send their health care system into crisis. to say that nurses will not let that happen. republicans need to present a real plan that will show how they plan to make quality health care more affordable and to ensure that no one who has care today loses that care. we nurses will be ready to ask the hard questions needed to make sure any proposal that is offered does not take away care that americans are counting on, does not increase health care costs for hard-working women and
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men, does not allow corporations to drop coverage for their employees, does not raise taxes for the middle class, does not seniors, children, and people with disabilities, and does not leave our patients to fend for themselves. thank you. rep. pelosi: i think our guests for their presentations. i think all of the nurses that are here for the service they provide, the leadership that they give us. when we passed the affordable care act, the nurses across the country were an important part of pushing open the gate that was a barrier to passing the bill. it is important to recognize. cathy talking about her personal story. michael talking about everyone
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of his patients with a pre-existing condition. the costs of debilitating and the debilitating impacts they can have on a family with pre-existing conditions and not having the health insurance. thank you for that. thank you for emphasizing medicaid because that is so important to the affordable care act. people don't understand that medicare, medicaid, and the affordable care act are now wedded together. if you overturn an repeal the affordable care act, you have a negative impact on medicaid, at a time when people needed more than ever. medicaid is not just about helping working moms, lower income working moms and families be able to work and have health care for their families. seniors, only about 50% of long-term care and hospital facilities paid for by
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medicaid, by medicaid. medicaid for working families. medicaid for seniors. middle-class seniors who have paid down assets. nursing homes, medicaid is there. everyone is affected by it and now with the opioids is one example of a crisis, the governor of ohio, thank god for medicaid in fighting -- the republican governor of ohio. that is so very important, as well. the power of the stories that you have told is multiplied by the statistics and the facts. the facts. the real, true facts. don't take it from me. the facts coming from the congressional budget office. the director appointed by a republican speaker. stated that repealing the aca will double premiums for americans on individual market by 2026, would increase the
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, and surgedinsured to 32 million people by 2026. the congressional budget office. now, as you mentioned, your situations with hospitals, hospitals will also be devastated. michael talked about this. by aca repeal. because they would be left with an concentrated care. to the tune of billions of dollars. oneknow, hospitals are the entity, where you have to provide care if someone provides income even if you are not compensated for it. the affordable care act addressed that, creating jobs .nd opportunities someone told me a story yesterday of a hospital that is going to have to close down if the affordable care act prevails if they don't have medicaid and
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the uncompensated care part of it. how do you attract business for regions that do not have a hospital? when we are talking about the vitality of rural america, you humano have infrastructure, as well as physical infrastructure. hospitals would be devastated. they would be left with the and constituted care. the resulting job loss with funding cuts would bring economic harm to the communities. it would increase the deficit. narrow access increased cost, and reduced benefits cuts jobs and increases the deficit. repeal would kill nearly 3 million jobs, not only in health care, but in every sector affected, from construction to real estate to retail. , you were there, we
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marched, east coast, west coast, washington, more members of my family in san francisco in the driving rain, but did not dampen .nyone's spirit the more the rain, the more vocal we became about vote, volunteer, run. this weekend, millions of americans gathered across the country in an awesome, peaceful show of power in support of women's rights and women's health, among other things. last friday, january 20, we saw the peaceful transfer of power, inaugurating a new president. the next morning, america awakened to a peaceful show of power. women across the country, across the world turned out in the millions in crowds that dwarfed the inaugural crowd.
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on the days after, the president and the republican congress launched a major assault on women's access to comprehensive inlth care, not only here america, but around the world. on monday, the trump administration reinstated the that silence is even the discussion of women's reproductive choice. yesterday, house republicans passed an expanded and even more dangerous version of the hyde amendment that would restrict how women with private insurance can spend their private dollars in purchasing health coverage. so, here we are. of course, they have begun their repeal of the affordable care act. the facts are these about that. not only is it about the 20 million people who we proudly and take good pride in saying these 20 million more people have access to health care, but 150 million people who get their health care coverage in the
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workplace, under the affordable care act, 150 million people in addition to the 20 million and their families will no longer be under the affordable care act, no longer be subjected to lifetime limits or annual limits on their care, no longer be subject to discrimination because of a pre-existing medical their children can stay on their policy until 26 years old. the american people are waking up to the nightmare of what republicans have planned for health care where seniors and working families, democrats will stand our ground because we believe, i think we can all attest that we believe health care in america is a right for everyone, not just for the privileged few.
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i think again the nurses for joining us today, and for your america,p, caring for the testimony you bring is intimate. it is personal. it has policy ramifications. you help us make the case and we are very grateful to you for that. thank you so much. you may want to step aside when i have to take questions on other subjects, but first let us thank you. [applause] i would like to can find a questions first to the subject at hand. --there are debt yesterday yesterday senators cassidy and collins put out a plan for replacing obamacare, the patient freedom act of 2017. in that they even say that states can keep the obamacare exchanges if they want to.
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also, rand paul has put out a plan to replace obamacare and i keep hearing there is no plan to replace it. said on thers have republican side of the aisle is that, i believe even the chairman of the health committee, chairman alexander, they really cannot act unless they see something from the president of the united states, his proposal. while individuals may have some suggestions, we have to see what is their proposal. what we have set as a standard is that the goal that was set by the affordable care act was to improve quality of care, expand access, and reduce cost. the proposal that they would present would have to stay on that course, which the affordable care act has been very successful in achieving. we can see something, obviously, if they have a good idea we would like to hear what
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it is like to work together. but right now, we are fighting the repeal of the affordable care act in the absence. one of the plans, one of the of the nominee for hhs mr. price, was to give us $3000 tax credit. a couple days ago in the budget committee, the urban institute testified that under his plan, american families would be subjected to a $50,000 deductible. individual, $25,000 deductible. there are a lot of things out there, i do not know who is speaking for what, but even the chairman of their committee said they want to say something from the president. >> donald trump tweeted this morning that he is going to be calling for a major investigation into voter fraud. what is your reaction? >> there is no evidence to
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support with the president said, and i think we have made that clear to him. i am very pleased that our colleagues, mr. cummings and mr. clyburn, and a ranking member on the house administration committee, three leaders in congress have sent a letter to all of the attorneys general across the country, any place that votes for their president, including the district of columbia, saying give us the names of anyone that you suspect is guilty of voter fraud. --ause the fact is, it is let me just say it another way. when jill stein was making her case about voter irregularities, wanting to have -- following the election, the lawyers for donald
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trump testified that there was no voter fraud to justify her request for a recount. so that is kind of where that is. for a person who is a newly elected president of the united dates to be so insecure to declare that he is now the theident, and he is saying popular vote, 3 million americans voted illegally. and undermine the integrity of our voting system is really strange. in addition to that, on top of it, he wants to investigate clearly behat can proven to be false, but he resists an investigation of the russian disruption of our election and any connection to his campaign. all we want is the truth for the
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american people. i frankly feel very sad about the president making this claim. i felt sorry for him. i even prayed for him, but then i prayed for the united states of america. >> what is your response to the anticipated executive orders from president trump on immigration and refugee resettlement? >> he is going to the department of homeland security today and we will see some of it. we heard rumors of what he might say, but i have always opposed any policy that excluded people on the basis of their religion. many of the refugees coming to the united states from syria who might be muslim, our women and children, and i do not know that that is what the american people really think is our value system. however, some of what he says will have its popular appeal
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because immigration was an issue that he fueled the flames in his campaign. >> [indiscernible] >> know, ok. >> are there divisions among democrats now between people calling on leadership to work as well as they can with republicans versus people pushing democratic leadership to be more liberal, especially after the losses? >> no, that is not an issue. republicans -- obviously we pledged to the american people the responsibility to find common ground with the republicans as we did with president bush. even though we disagree with him on the war in iraq and privatizing social security, when we came together, we worked together on many issues.
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we stand ready to do that. we want to have a real infrastructure proposal, not a tax break for wealthy people disguised as an infrastructure proposal. they want to talk about family and work balance, which he spoke about in the campaign. we look forward to working with him. as i said on opening day in the we will works, with issues where we find common ground. there is no division, no. president trump's announcement to freeze federal hiring, he does have a plan to fight that. fightically, how does it to affect the?
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-- affect the v.a.? >> this freeze on hiring, that is to say we do not believe in the government role to meet the needs of american people. ,hen they attacked the workers making sure they get their social security checks, this goes on and on. ,hen they did this freeze instead we exempt national security but that did not include veterans. saidf my colleagues has they were hoping to hire three cardiologists, they cannot do now because it is a freeze on hiring. they cannot hire people who give you the scalpel. it is not only the cardiologists, it is the people who assist in providing health care for our veterans as one example that is wrong. it has always been part of their
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wantof agenda to say, we to reduce the federal workforce and we can privatize a lot of the services, and we do not have to honor any value of diversity or workers rights and the rest of that. somenk that they will see bipartisan opposition to what they are doing because many federal employees work in the districts of republicans as well as democrats. this is an assault on doing our job for the american people. but it is not any surprise. what would you say to your catholic constituents who may be relieved to know their tax dollars no longer go to fund abortion? >> let me just say this, i am a catholic and have five children. does anybody have standing on the issue? [laughter] there has not been taxpayer
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dollars spent on abortion, you know that. this is fraudulent. it is fraudulent, and what they are doing is making it more dangerous so people cannot spend their own dollars in the exchanges to have access to reproductive rights. we will fight that, and my constituents support that. [indiscernible] >> i have not even seen her. i have no knowledge of a trip. on a lawmaker taking a trip like that without even having a heads up? >> i do not know any of the particulars. i do not know the auspices under which she went, and she has not reported to our offices as far as i know. the gag orders that have been
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issued for the epa first baking changeaking down climate pages on the epa site, are you aware of these actions and what can democrats do? >> what can the american people do about it? we have said, and i said in my opening day speech, if you want to silence our voices for common sense, gun violence prevention we will fight that. you cannot silence people's voices. deterioration of toellectual resources prevent information to flow. that is what has made america great. we listen to ideas, we exchange them, and any country that does not does so to their own judgment. i would hope the press would be a very important part of calling
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is, to evenir this have an information available to the press because i believe even though we do not always agree with your coverage, the true guardian of our democracy is the freedom of the press. that is in the first amendment. that is the most important freedom because that says we can speak and people will know truth. truth and freedom, the truth will set you free. they are doing should be just appalling to people if they know about it. they should not be doing that. >> [indiscernible] >> we will see what they -- what they do. d you think they care about a letter to mark it is more about public sentiment. as abraham lincoln said, public sentiment is everything. they probably would not even respond to a letter because they
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do not want information. we were chatting earlier this morning. i was saying that george bernard , the true sign of a truly intelligent person is --t he or she -- he said he statistics. they seem happy to be in a fact freezone, where even their own republicans, and i did ask the president to read the cbo report. we have always had, dealing with president bush and republicans across the aisle, we have always had sort of a, i do not want to say it tradition but a standard where you agree to a set of facts, or some numbers, a
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baseline, and then you go from there. we respect each other's opinion. the opinion that someone has to be more conservative, more progressive, because that is the american way. at least when you try to negotiate you are dealing with a set of facts instead of being in a fact freezone or whatever they want to call their version of reality. >> you have met the president a couple of times. we have seen a few days of the new administration. do you have any new ideas on how you will confront them, has your thinking evolved at all? >> it is interesting because i saw him at the inauguration, and we had a chance to turn -- to chat at the white house coffee or tea before we came to the ol, and talked about finding common ground on infrastructure.
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i hope that is the case. the leadership that comes to the welcome, because again, we do not have to agree on everything. we have to agree on some things, but it was really quite startling when the president declared that he won the popular vote because 3 million to 5 million people voted illegally in our country, which was not fact-based or evidence-based. in addition to that, i had the impression that he was saying that that did not include california. again, we have to stipulate to a set of facts if we are going to talk about infrastructure, if we are going to talk about childcare, if we're going to talk about early childhood education. we have to stipulate to a fact. i did tell him that when president -- i mentioned earlier bush,opposed president
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but when we won and he was still president, we were together on the biggest energy bill in the history of our country. he wanted nuclear, i wanted renewable. we had a big celebration at the signing of the bill. he and mrs. bush should be very legislation. drug we have worked on the hardest vote i have ever asked members to vote on. that that has probably caused a lot of anger in the public. that was not the case, but that is the appearance that it has. said was therank most liberal bill in terms of the taxes, working with the
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recovery -- i wanted a stimulus, i wanted infrastructure. he did not. he said, i will do tax rebates or whatever. i said, we can do that as long as they are refundable to low income people. we have one of the most progressive bills in history. disagree. you can disagree strongly on one subject. what could be worse than privatizing social security? but have agreement on other subjects, and that is what we hope to do with this president, because we have that responsibility to find that common ground if we can, to stand our ground if we cannot, but just stipulate to a set of facts going forward. because if we do not there is
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absolutely no way you can come to an agreement that has legitimacy and is valid, for the american people. one more. [indiscernible. the possible reopening of cia run websites, as well as reversing america's commitment to closing the facility and quintana monday. can you speak -- guantanamo bay. can you speak to that? >> i think the path he is going down is wrong. it is not about our values as a country. do not ask me, ask john mccain and others. that does not support our values and also endangers our people who are there, whether it is from a security standpoint, the intelligence community, or the
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military. i just think it is wrong and i hope he will rethink it, and i hope you will listen to even some republican leaders on the subject. the intelligence community, we owe them so much. they risk their lives. as you know -- you may not know -- involved in intelligence since the 1990's, the longest serving person as a member but ex officio. while we have some disagreements from time to time, largely springing from the administration and not from the get toty, any chance i praise them for their work, and i think this would endanger them and what they are doing as well as our own military if we were to say that this is what we think is civilized human behavior. thank you all very much. thank you.
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governors ares meeting in the washington. we will hear from the chair and cochair. their briefing coming up in about 10 minutes at 11:30 east. we will have that live on c-span.


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